Why Google’s employee is unaffected by Covid-19 lock down?

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Why Google’s employee is unaffected by Covid-19 lock down?

Google is the biggest and most efficient internet-related service provider in the world with almost 1 million employees across the world. However, the current Covid-19 has minimal impact on their operation because they have the most powerful remote working tools which is G Suite. In fact, 5 million of Google users are protected and enjoy the same powerful beneficial tool to sail through the Covid-19 crisis with only USD $6/month.

Check out the benefits of G Suite :

  • Meeting with the team anytime and anywhere with internet connection.
  • Real time editing on Google Docs, Slides & Sheet together with the team to minimize mistake.
  • – A reliable cloud productivity provider that has zero downtime recorded.
  • – G Suite productivity tools is compatible with Microsoft where you can open & edit it online.
  • Shared calendar feature let you know your company/staff activity even work from home.

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