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Here is the few reason why you should choose G suite:

1. Professional look email account

According to study, people are more likely to deal business with company that has their own business email address.

You can have your email address to look like this: admin@easitech.biz

2. Control ownership

Company can control who have the access to the file and email account of the company. This could keep any company confidential file safe. With G suit administration, a company could easily remove or add user in the company account when some leave the company or join the company.

Besides that, email aliases is also enable to prevent any misconduct from happening.

3. Document Sharing

Document can be access anywhere and anytime when you and your team are under the same G Suite account. G Suite Business includes Shared drives, which gives a business a lot more administrative control over file sharing.

4. Unlimited Storage

G Suite offers unlimited cloud storage with their business and enterprise plansfor more than 5 users.

5. Extra Security

With the 2 step verification, if you log into G Suite from an unknown computer, you’ll be texted a verification code. For the times you are out of range on your mobile phone, you can carry a set of backup codes in your wallet so that you can securely access your G Suite account.

6. 24/7 Support

With G suite, there is 24/7 support through email, phone call and also chat unlike the free Gmail account.