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What online business meeting tools protect you from hackers?










To obey Circuit Breaker measure, more and more people are working from home. Online meeting tools are getting popular. But recently, we have been terrified with the ‘zoom-bombing’ incident happen on early April where hackers post obscene images on screens when primary schoolers in Singapore having the geography class through Zoom. This somehow threaten the privacy and security of the user. For the past few weeks, we have experiment with few online meeting tools and now we are going to share our opinions and research with you.

Below are the comparison of the 3 most well known online meeting tools:

Conclusion :
Google Hangout / Hangout Meet
Hangout or Hangout Meet is a proven and easy solution to invite participants for joining the meeting. Participants do not need to install software which help company to invite business partners or customers to attend meeting with just one click. It is perfect for company that needs to remote working as well because the price of G Suite included all the productivity tools and integrated in one place.

A current popular product and this is a standalone solution. Zoom is more expensive compare to others. Due to recent hacking cases in Zoom meeting, some participants are reluctant to install Zoom in their PC or Mobile.

Skype could be a good choice if you do not required integrated solution. Unfortunately, Skype will be phased out by August 2021 and replace with Microsoft Team which is similar as Google Hangout. Microsoft Team already available since 2017 and it is included in Microsoft 365 plan. To migrate from Skype to Microsoft Team could be challenging based on Microsoft’s news. We will suggest to use Skype as solution for your company if you were only looking for short term solution.

All the online meeting tools listed are great on its own. But if you are looking for the most cost effective tool to boost your productivity not only for online meeting purpose, G Suite is the option for you.​

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