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What is KIY?

KIY is a security platform of applications built around the KIY (Keep It Yourself) patented security system. KIY is an advanced user-control security key which you will use for authentication, secure data and files.


Why KIY?

why choose kiy

Package for SME

Work with onsite and offsite teams while keeping files safe.

Ideal for Enterprises and SMEs
– Suitable for small business / SME
– Able to share files with another KIY user
– Secure own local files
– Protect your data on the Cloud and Internet
– One year basic software license

*Additional User KIYs / Control KIYs are available to purchase.

What is Control KIYs?
Control KIY (X-User KIY): It is a special control KIY which allows control of up to X number of user KIYs and it enables multiple separate data share up to X number of different members.

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